How to Sell Super-Fast ?

Learn the tips to sell your House, Apartment, Land or Property super-fast on

1. Select a realistic selling price

Property buyers seeks the best rates. Is your price too high or too low.

Go through similar ads and pick a competitive price.

2. Use good photographs - (Mobile/ DSLR)

Use genuine and actual photos - ads with actual photos get higher views than ads with images taken from internet.

Always upload clear images - Tip: take photos in the morning with good lighting.

3. Provide simple and clear information in your ads

Elaborated descriptions generate higher views.

Include Special Words and Things about the Property of service that buyers will be interested in.

An honest description will generate a sale, fake information will not give you a good deal

4. Promote your ad to get Great Property deals!

Promoted ads get up to 10x views.

Higer views will lead to better property deals