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How to Apply for Building Plan and Land Subdivision Approvals in Sri Lanka

How to Apply for Building Plan and Land Subdivision Approvals in Sri Lanka

How to Apply for Building Plan and Land Subdivision Approvals in Sri Lanka

The process of submitting a building plan requires the submission of all necessary drawings, plans, and calculations. This includes things like maps, architectural designs, structure layouts, construction specifications, and landscaping details. Approval is given by the relevant authorities on approval of these documents.

The approval process for land subdivision applications is similar to that of buildings. However, there are more requirements for this application due to the bigger area being subdivided. To apply for these approvals in Sri Lanka you will need to send your application with all supporting documents to the Land Development Authority office in Colombo or the District Development Council office in the district where your property is located.


The Process for Building Plans

The building plan application for the development of a residential site or a new town has to be submitted by a registered contractor to the relevant authority for approval. It will contain detailed plans of the development including the size of the plots, buildings, and the layout of a central zone.

Building plans are approved after a survey of the proposed site and the payment of fees. Following this, the architects must carry out the surveys and drawings within a timeframe specified by the developers. The authority will then grant approval for the plans to be implemented.

  • The Process for Land Subdivision Applications
  • The process for submitting the land subdivision application varies depending on the type of land.

The Process for Land Subdivision

After submitting the application you will need to wait for the department to get back to you and do the work to obtain the approval. You will receive a letter to this effect indicating when you will get an interview and when you should expect the construction to start. On completion of the process, the authority will come to inspect the area to decide on whether the project is of a suitable nature to be approved.

Your application will then need to be processed and approved by the relevant government agencies. The final document confirming approval will include your registration number as well as the amount of compensation the authority will approve for the land. The price tag will be around 60% of the market value of the property.

Required Documents and Fees

For documents such as legal documents, construction plans, and structural drawings, you need to provide these to the relevant authorities before submitting an application. You may need to have the following documents to submit your application:

  • Legal documents
  • Construction Plans
  • Structural Drawings
  • A Detailed Route Description Map for Local Roads and Public Transportation
  • A Detailed Description of Land Development
  • Detail description for Services Infrastructure and Structure Layout
  • A Historical Rate Map
  • A Detailed Geological Map
  • The extent of Area To Be Subdivided
  • Additional details on Approval to submit Form 4
  • Construction Plans
  • The building plan must provide a route that is appropriate for the proposed buildings.

How to Apply in Colombo

The Land Development Authority Office in Colombo is the authority responsible for granting building plans and land subdivision approvals. To apply for these approvals in Colombo, you can approach the Colombo Land Development Authority office. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Applications are processed once per week and typically take 2-3 weeks to be approved, although requests for further documents may take a little longer. Once your application has been approved you can visit the Land Development Authority office in Colombo to collect your license plates and sign any necessary documents.

How to Apply in the District Development Council Office

When you send an application for approval to the district development council office, your plans and estimates will be forwarded to the relevant department of the same district. All requirements must be submitted together before the approval of your subdivision is granted.

The approval process for plans is similar to that of building plans. However, the Authority only deals with proposals and plans which exceed a certain minimum size. If you are planning to convert a one-acre property into a two-acre or a three-acre land, your plan must be approved for a minimum of 1 acre before you can begin constructing.

The approval process for plans for more than 1 acre must be submitted after the approval of the plans for a land subdivision in the same area.

Development Approval Process in Declared Urban Areas- PDF Download



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